Our Giving Pledge to You

We know you have many worthy causes in your busy life to support. We want you to join us because you’re an enthusiastic, healthy person just like us who wants to make small contributions from time to time that might turn out to make large global differences.

Donate now and We Pledge that we will never ask you to donate again. We will never snail mail you a plea nor email you a donation solicitation. We’ll let you decide our worthiness based on your future experiences with us.

The Sister Marathon group of directors and advisors choose 2016 and 2017 as the years to make a big difference in Bhutan. Many of us live and have worked and played in the marvelous country for years and we know that our contributions and efforts in the past, present and future are immeasurably positive. Interacting and participating in the joys of life with our tremendously gracious Bhutanese hosts continues to be a privilege. We wish to salute a people and culture who have managed to be great stewards of the Earth. Respect, gratitude and merit. These are our pledges to the global community in 2016 and 2017. Please join us today.

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