Grandma’s Marathon

Grandma’s Marathon
The tigers nest and Bhutanese dancers

Taking on the impossible is what we do. We carve out time where there is none. We create energy by expending it, lacing up our shoes and hitting the road. This connection weaves through the long miles and early mornings. You feel it in the exchange of a nod as you meet another runner in the pouring rain. You feel it in the chutes with 10,000 people standing side by side. Running is our community.

Reconnect with what you love.

This summer, I invite you to step out of the centrifugal force of your routine. Let go of the ideas that hold you back, and focus on the miles between start and finish. Remember what you love about running, and reconnect with that feeling of pure joy and freedom. It will spill into your life, bringing new energy and insight.

Have an amazing experience.

There are no rules for getting back to your driving force. Go solo. Meet up with friends. If you like, fire up your sense of adventure and join Grandma’s Marathon and many others in Bhutan with legendary runners and the Sister Marathon Peace Initiative. Grandma’s Marathon couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this global peace effort, bringing our community together to celebrate running. Whatever you do, bring a sense of playfulness to the experience. It’s your life, why not make it amazing?

About Grandma's Marathon


Next Race:

June 17, 2017



Duluth, Minnesota, USA



Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K Walk/Run



True Boston Qualifier – USATF Certified Course


The Grandma’s Marathon started in 1977 when a group of 150 local runners planned a scenic road race from Two Harbors to Duluth, Minnesota. Still named after it’s first sponsor Grandma’s Restaurant, Grandma’s Marathon is now a self-governed nonprofit organization. Grandma’s Marathon weekend draws more than 18,000 participants for its three-race event each June.

Grandma's Marathon now includes the Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon, the William A. Irvin 5k, the Fitger's 5k, the Park Point 5 Miler, and the Grandma's Minnesota Mile, as well as several "whipper snapper" races for kids.

Runners from over 44 countries and all 50 United States travel to Duluth, Minnesota each year to participate in the weekend festivities, attracting fans and athletes of all levels come together to celebrate the vigor of the human spirit.

Grandma’s Marathon is a point-to-point USATF certified course that runs along the beautiful shore of Lake Superior, starting in the town of Two Harbors and finishing in Duluth’s Canal Park.

The course is ideal for first time participants as well as aspiring Boston qualifiers who will enjoy the speed of a relatively flat course, with gentle rolling hills and one larger incline before mile 22.

Grandma’s Marathon

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