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Why become a member of the Sister Marathons Peace Initiative

By becoming a member, you will become part the world’s first international community of athletes dedicated to promoting peace and happiness through the sport of running.

Our members enjoy exclusive access to Sister Marathon events, destination retreats and once-in-a-lifetime trips around the world. We'll be continuously launching new opportunities for you to join race directors, celebrity runners and new friends at our events.

Through your profile page, you're able to connect, stay, explore and run with other Members. Are you vacationing in Maui, Kona or Lake Tahoe and want to find a local to bring you to the special running spots? Do you want to find a a homestay with like-minded people in a city you are heading to? Or maybe you just want to share favorite race day nutrition recipes.

Join for Free and discover the endless possibilities that membership has to offer. Its about the journeys you take, the paths you navigate and the people you meet along the way.

How important is it to become a member?

Since 2016, in partnership with the Bhutan Olympic Committee, the Sister Marathons Peace Initiative has helped build capacity for the Bhutan International Marathon as well as youth and Olympic sports programs in the Kingdom of Bhutan.

Culturally rich, the Kingdom of Bhutan is one of the smallest countries in the world with limited natural resources. Sister Marathons envisions providing the largest source of funding to sports capacity in the country from contributions from individual members and donors in the membership community.

In the coming months and years we intend to develop high quality programs and improve upon the ones we have developed during our successful first years. The Sister Marathons Peace Initiative has partnered with many amazing marathons in the hopes of building 25,000 members by the end of Fiscal Year 2017.

Future Member Gifts will facilitate the Sister Marathons Peace Initiative to change lives for youths across the globe. Join the Team today and help us make an invaluable resource in your life – and the global running community.

As a member, what will I be caring about?

We know you have many worthy causes in your busy life to support. We want you to join us because you’re an enthusiastic, healthy runner just like us and who wants to make small contributions from time to time that might turn out to make large global differences.

Beyond that, when you become a member you:

  • change people's lives
  • leave a legacy through marathon running
  • become a leader and role model in the global running community
  • get a tax deduction for any Sister Marathon Causes you support

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